It's your true nature to be healthy and balanced. Your body is constantly moving toward homeostasis - that is, health and well being. So why do we become ill, suffer pain and disease? Illness and disease are signs of imbalance of energies. Viruses, bacteria, pathogens - these do not make us sick. We are exposed to them all of the time! We become ill when our immune system fails to defeat them.


There is much you yourself can do to maintain good health and well being -


  • healthy eating
  • regular exercise
  • some sort of practice to relieve tension and stress
  • direct your mind to positive thoughts and emotions

Sometimes we need help in the healing process. Modalities abound today - some of them are described in the Healing Therapies pages, colored green in the navigation bar. You can read about practices you can do to help yourself - tai chi, chi kung, yoga, etc - by clicking on the purple Personal Practices boxes to the left.

You can find practitioners who specialize in one particular modality. They will bring a certain depth of focus to their work.  Then there are those practitioners who study many modalities. They have a 'tool bag' to work from and in the best scenario, are often directed by intuition to the modality which will most effectively address your situation.

What is important is that you find the practitioner and engage in the type of work that's right for you.

Remember that you are entering into a partnership. The practitioner is simply a catalyst for your own inherent tendency to be whole. The ultimate process of healing is your own.

“Teaching and Healing is the work

of my heart and spirit. My intention is

to co-create a safe and supportive

experience, that “healing place”

which is not so much a physical space

but rather a state of being.”