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Tai Chi

Have you been wanting to try tai chi but are afraid you’re not coordinated enough, strong enough, athletic enough? These classes are for you. Learn this wonderful ancient art in a welcoming and supportive class.

singlewhipparkTai chi combines a meditative frame of mind with intentional breathing and slow, graceful, powerful movement. Our study focuses not so much on memorizing the movements, or form, but rather on experiencing the principals of tai chi from which the benefits flow. These principals address breath, posture, balance and the mechanics of movement, and ultimately the deeper concepts of energy source, flow and direction. In time you will find you 'know' the form, and your practice will have the sound foundation of the basic principals of practice.


Physical Benefits of Practice
There are many health benefits to be gained through the practice of Tai Chi.


  • normalize the blood pressure
  • strengthen the heart and circulation
  • increase lung capacity
  • improve digestion
  • clear the lymphatic system
  • strengthen bones (increase density), ligaments and tendons
  • increase flexibility
  • increase strength
  • improve balance
  • strengthen the immune system.

Benefits Beyond the Physical

Students report that through their practice of tai chi, they enjoy an even flow of energy, they achieve a calmer state of mind, clearer thinking and greater ability to focus. Over time, you'll notice that these benefits 'overflow' into the rest of your life. You will manage stressful situations from a place of balance and control, enjoying the 'even smoothness' of your new way of be-ing.

What if I'm not very fit,
what about persons with physical challenges?

Students need not be physically fit to begin study. In fact, tai chi can be practiced byScotRtsit2e persons with limited mobility and strength. Tai chi is even for those whose mobility is restricted due to arthritis, MS, and other debilitating diseases. Classes are customized to reflect the capabilities and interest of each student group.


You'll be surprised and delighted to see how simply one class per week can make a change - and over time, you'll notice that the benefits 'overflow' into the rest of your life. So why not begin today? Find the style of practice and the teacher that work for you.  Then you'll look forward to classes each week and in time you may develop a personal practice in addition to your weekly instruction.

“Teaching and Healing is the work of

my heart and spirit. My intention is

to co-create a safe and supportive

experience, that “healing place”

which is not so much a physical space

but rather a state of being.”

Cathy Layland