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Chi Kung

Chi kung means "moving energy". The Chinese theory of health is based on meridians or "pathways" of energy throughout the body. The practice of chi kung helps us to become aware of this internal energy, dissolve blocks, increase energy and bring overall health and well being to every aspect of ourselves - mind, body, heart and ultimately your spirit.

Benefits of Practice
The practice of chi kung can enhance all levels of your being - mind, body, heart and spirit. Physically, Chi kung benefits many systems:


  • muscular and skeletal
  • circulatory
  • respiratory
  • endocrine
  • digestive
  • immune
  • lymphatic
  • metabolic


With regular practice, students achieve greater focus of mind, a sense of inner calm and quietude and of refinement of the spirit.

There are hundreds of individual chi kung practices. Some of them involve no physical movement at all. Many of them incorporate simple physical movements. These practices may be one movement or as many as twenty movements performed in sequence. All of the practices involve breath, visualization, and integration of mind and body. Students need not be physically fit to begin study, in fact, chi kung can be practiced by persons with limited mobility and strength. Chi kung is even for those whose mobility is restricted by arthritis, MS, or other debilitating diseases.

You'll be surprised and delighted to see how just one class per week can make a change - and over time, you'll notice that the benefits 'overflow' into the rest of your life. So why not begin today? Find the style and the teacher that work for you.  Then you'll look forward to classes each week and in time you may develop a personal practice in addition to your weekly instruction.

“Teaching and Healing is the work

of my heart and spirit. My intention

is to create a safe and supportive

experience, that “healing place”

which is not so much a physical space

but rather a state of being.”

Cathy Layland
Certified Energy Kinesiologist