Retreats Friday/Saturday/Sunday
June 28-29-30 2014

Retreat from the hustle and stress of every-day life
Join us for a weekend at the beach with
relaxing and rejuvenating mind/body classes...

Combine the soothing environs of sun, sand and surf with practice of yoga, tai chi, chi kung and guided meditation for a relaxing retreat from your daily routine. There are five two hour classes on the beach and in tree-shaded parks. We begin Friday evening and end Sunday at noon. Plus you'll enjoy time to stroll on the boardwalk and the beach, and explore the quaint town of Ocean Grove New Jersey.

There's no prior experience necessary – if you’re new to meditation, tai chi, chi kung and/or dao yin yoga you’ll learn the basics in a gentle, easy manner. Those of you who have been practicing  - for a month, a year or a lifetime - will deepen your understanding and experience.

On the beach, the boardwalk and in the tree-shaded parks...

  • meditation to focus the mind
  • yoga for flexibility, strength, and to heighten mind/body awareness
  • chi kung to further enhance internal energy
  • tai chi for balance, strength and awareness through movement

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      • Get a 10% discount by registering for the September event with full payment before June 5$135.00
      • Current students (additional discount) paid in full by June 1st = $120
      • Payment after August 30th $145
      Cancellation policy: cancellations up to two weeks before the event are 70% refundable.

      Accommodations Our retreats are held in a lovely town of BnBs. We recommend the Henry Richard Inn, 16 Main Avenue  Ocean Grove, NJ 07756, 732-776-7346

      People say....

      "I always find the experience relaxing and beneficial to my well being. It allows me to get more one on one and learn from others of different experiences and to see how much I have progressed."

      "Practicing in different environments outdoors was stimulating and invigorating."

      "Since I've been only practicing Tai-Chi for less than 3 months, I learned a lot. This weekend, I improved the way I do my form, I've learned more of the form and I felt more grounded when I was doing it."

      "I was going to get you a Thank You card just to say Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being at this Retreat, but there was a thunderstorm today ... so I just want to say that I've enjoyed this so much that I look forward to next September!"

      "Great weekend as always... focusing for a few days on Tai-chi does seem to pull things together for me. It allowed me to focus on the full form, rather than just the individual paragraphs, which compliments the weekly classes very well."

      "This past weekend was a wake up call to my body, mind and spirit .The combination of tai chi, beautiful beaches and a fabulous unexpected fireworks show made the 2 days a feast for the senses."

      "If someone wanted to have 2 days to calm their stressed out city life I highly recommend investing the time."

      " learn something so beautiful, graceful and beneficial. I was sincerely surprised at how many muscles I never knew existed from what seemed to be such simple moves."

      “Teaching and Healing is the work of
      my heart and spirit. My intention is
      to create a safe and supportive
      experience, that “healing place”
      which is not so much a physical space
      but rather a state of being.”

      Cathy Layland
      Certified Energy Kinesiologist


      group doing single whip in the park