Reiki is a laying on of hands modality which seeks to balance the flow of life force in your body. When the flow of life force is balanced, you are better able to fight off disease and illness, more likely to have a sense of happiness and well be-ing. The practice is transferred from teacher to student through an attunement and supplemented by teaching and practice. The practitioner becomes a conduit for the energy of the universe, and without specific intent or direction, channels that energy into the being of the client. The client’s being uses that energy, again, without conscious intent, as it is most needed – body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Chi Kung
What is Chi?
Chi means vital breath or life energy. It’s the universal energy which composes, permeates and moves within and between everything that exists. Everything - that includes you, it includes all people and it includes the air around you and all things, both living and inanimate. Chi is the essence of the universe as well as the law of all movement. Chi is the ultimate cause and at the same time the ultimate effect. Chi activates, maintains and supports all things, embraces all things, circulates through all things and sustains all things. It’s in every cell of your body and it is involved in all the processes of the body: the digestion and assimilation of the food you eat; the inhalation and exhalation of air; the circulation of blood and other fluids. Certain areas of the body are ‘pools’ or wellsprings of Chi, and there are ‘pathways’ of chi, called Meridians.

What is Chi Kung
Chi Kung is a healing modality which incorporates posture, breath, concentration and movement to increase the volume and strength of your internal vital energy, called chi. Students learn to build their inner store of chi and to control the flow of chi, to eliminate blocks in the flow and thus clear congestion and distribute the chi evenly.

The history of chi kung is ancient and rich. By the second century CE, the practice had spread throughout all of China, and its popularity continued through the ages. Today more than 80 million people practice Chi Kung in China, while thousands are discovering its benefits in the west.

Benefits of Chi Kung Practice
Through regular practice, you can improve every aspect of your health. - body, mind and spirit. As your internal energy becomes balanced, all the

systems of the physical body improve, the mind becomes more tranquil, and with clear intention, you can reach integration of mind, body and spirit.

Self-care and Self Healing
Regular practice of chi kung leads to better health in all aspects of your being. It may be practiced in solitude or in a group. When practice privately, it is most meditative, it can open windows to universal energy and the forces of life. When practiced in community, energy builds for both the individuals and for the group.

There are thousands of chi kung series. The movements are simple and although you will feel the effects on your physical body, you should never feel pain. Discomfort results from moving in new ways and changing your body’s habits of movement and stillness. If you experience pain, stop and ask for more instruction.

A complete chi kung workout includes essential phases of warm-up, cleansing, recharging, circulating, dispersing and self massage to close.

Applied Chi Kung - Helping Others
Western scientific (empirical) experimentation and clinical trials have recorded the presence of chi in the body. Chi kung is recognized as being effective in ways similar to acupuncture. These treatments can be powerful complements to Western treatments. For instance, in China, physicians frequently treat diseases such as high blood pressure with both allopathic anti-hypertensives drugs and chi kung practice. They recognize that chi kung can lesson the side effects of medications, speed recovery time, and thus lesson the soaring costs of healthcare.

Chi is as the wind - we do not see the wind, but we feel and see the effects of its passage. Though we do not see the energy nor its pathways, we feel is effects and can observe its patterns. When the chi flows unimpeded, there is health and well being. When the chi is blocked, there is illness and dis-ease. An obstructed or blocked energy pathway is like a river that is clogged, creating an imbalance in its flow. Its life giving essence cannot reach beyond the blockage, while above the blockage, stagnation occurs. Likewise, when chi is blocked, this throws off the balance of the body. Physical disease, emotional turmoil and mental and spiritual unrest result.

Practitioners can learn to use chi kung to help others heal. First, you must learn to build your store of chi, both your personal chi as well as the well-spring upon which you will draw to apply chi to your clients. To truly become strong as a chi kung healer, you must practice every day. Once you have increased your chi, you can transmit it into the be-ings of others.

Emitting of chi for healing is done mainly through the lao kung, or palm chakra, and the fingertips. The palms of course cover a wider area while the finger techniques treat specific points along the meridians, some of the points utilized in acupressure and acupuncture.

Clients may not be consciously aware of the energy you give them, but they are receiving the benefits non-the-less. Many clients do experience the energy consciously, and their awareness increases with ongoing treatments. Some people describe physical feelings like “tingling”, ”pulsing”, “electricity”, “warmth”. Some people observe “waves of energy”, “channels”, or describe emotional or spiritual reactions.

Chi Kung affects all systems and levels of being. It balances the energy of the body, leading to healthier and happier living.

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Cathy Layland,
Certified Energy Kinesiologist