For as long as I can remember, I've practiced internal and healing arts. Even as a child, I 'played' with energy, without 'knowing' what I was doing, but doing, feeling and exploring all the same. Later, when time came for 'real' study, I tried out many different styles and theories of yoga, meditation and martial arts, and started to learn various healing modalities. About 23 years ago I began to focus and study with intent. I'm thankful for many teachers both here and in China, and continue to study as teachers appear.

Teaching is a passion and a blessing. For the past 19 years I've been teaching classes, private lessons, workshops and retreats. The content and style of each experience is customized to match the audience, which may be children or adults, twenty-somethings through elders in their 90s. My teaching is enhanced by my studies and experience with the healing arts, which compliments and informs the lessons.

It's a tremendous privilege to work with people who are on their own healing journey. I've studied many modalities, and through Energy Kinesiology, weave together those approaches which best meet the needs of the individual client.

Above all, I am grateful to be doing the work of my heart and spirit - indeed, there is no other way to fully Be.

Check out the pages of this website for Class Schedules, Workshops and Retreats, and to learn about Energy Kinesiology. Call or e-mail to arrange for lectures, special workshops, group and private lessons in tai chi, chi kung, dao yin yoga and meditation.


Teaching and Healing is the work

of my heart and spirit. My intention is

to create a safe and supportive

experience, that “healing place”

which is not so much a physical space

but rather a state of being.”