What is Energy Medicine?

How can it be that intentional energy can affect a person's physical structure or change physiological process?
  • A spasmed muscle relaxes with a mere touch
  • a headache dissolves when two points on the body are held
  • a problem gall bladder flushes out its toxins
    when a path is traced on the side of the body

  • after creative visualizations, evidences present in a base MRI
    are no longer found

It's difficult for some people to believe reports such as these because we don't know how to explain them logically, or scientifically. Yet most of us personally know someone who has experienced such healings and many of us have had these experiences ourselves. So how do we explain them?

Energy Medicine Integrates
physiological systems
with the energetic systems 
of your body, mind, heart and spirit
to bring you to balance
in all dimensions.

Energy - the Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese Qi and the Indian yogis call it kundalini. It's a dynamic force which is in constant flux that follows specific pathways, gathers in certain energy centers, and obeys specific rules. When we are healthy, the flow is strong, even, and smooth. When energy flows there is health and well-being.

When energy is out of balance (blocked, sluggish, depleted or overabundant), adaptive patterns are developed which are inefficient - therefore requiring more energy than normal, and eventually collapse - leading to sickness and disease.

We can learn to direct the flow and balance of energy in our bodies through the process of chi kung and other similar practices. We can also engage a practitioner to assist us in this effort. Balancing your energy will affect every system of your physical body - muscles, organs, physiological systems, even your brain. Balancing your energy will affect you on every level - mind, body, emotion and spirit and lead to a healther way of be-ing in every way.

“Teaching and Healing is the work
of my heart and spirit. My intention is
to co-create a safe and supportive
experience, that “healing place”
which is not so much a physical space
but rather a state of being.”



"The term Energy Medicine is itself a double-entendre. Energy gives life to the body. Medicine is an agent that is used to heal or prevent disease. In Energy Medicine, energy is the medicine. And it is applied to the body's energies. Energy heals, and energy systems are healed."

Donna Eden